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I have been practicing law in Michigan for 23 years and I focus and specialize in traffic offenses. I have handled thousands of traffic cases consisting of traffic civil infractions and misdemeanors in Michigan.

Many traffic offenses carry points that will appear on your driving record. This may make it difficult or impossible to seek or maintain employment and will cause your insurance premiums to increase. Even if you don’t live in Michigan or if you live in Canada, simply paying for tickets that carry points will show up on your driving record.

Depending on the type of traffic violation, you may be facing large fines and points on your driving record. You could even be sent to jail for traffic misdemeanors and felonies. The best way to understand the possible consequences of your traffic offense is to speak to an experienced traffic attorney as soon as possible.

I always offer FREE detailed consultations over the phone or in person.

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“Danny Kallabat is a very honest and a hard working lawyer. He makes sure you understand what he is going to do with your case before he start working on it. He was able to get my speeding ticket from going 30mph over speed limits down to 6 over speed limit with 0 points going to my insurance. Very smart lawyer. Highly recommended.”

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Do Not Ignore Your Traffic Tickets

For many traffic violations, if you don’t take care of it properly your situation will only become worse and your driver’s license may eventually be suspended. Failing to address a traffic violation can result in:

  • License suspension
  • Restricted license
  • A warrant for your arrest for traffic misdemeanors or felonies

Call me for a free consultation and to help you understand what your ticket means for you. I will explain the best way to handle it in your situation.

I will fight aggressively to help you avoid points that will result in increased insurance and license suspensions. In most cases, investing a relatively small amount of money in an experienced traffic lawyer now can save you thousands of dollars in insurance increases and license restoration costs later.

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“I would highly recommend Danny to anyone who’s looking at traffic charges or a minor offense he will work his magic in the court room for you, and the best part Danny treats you like a real person.

He goes above and beyond for his clients, and if you’re on the fence about getting legal help don’t hesitate his prices are TOO GOOD to be TRUE and the RESULTS he gets you in the COURT ROOM are incredible!”

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Auto Accidents

When you are involved in an auto accident, you have various duties which are outlined in Michigan’s statutes. If you fail to comply with these requirements, you could be charged with a criminal offense and be sentenced in jail for up to 90 days. In addition, the Secretary of State can impose six points on your driving record. But the laws can be confusing without the help of an attorney to help you understand what your duties are.

If you are involved in an auto accident and the police appear at the scene, they may prepare a traffic crash report. If this happens the Secretary of State will make a notation on your driving record that you were involved in an accident. This will happen even if the accident is not your fault.

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“Danny was very helpful. He was honest and direct. He put me in the best position to get the best outcome. I highly recommend Danny Kallabat to anyone who may be in need of legal assistance. Don’t delay, call Danny today!”

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