Drunk Driving Penalties

Drunk Driving Penalties: What You Need To Know

A drunk driving conviction impacts your driving privileges, your freedom, your finances, your family and even your job. In Michigan, the penalties, points and fines for drunk driving are very severe and quite complicated. Being convicted of a drunk driving offense will give the court the right to fine you, throw you in jail, and/or put you on probation. The secretary of state will be notified, and your license will be temporarily suspended. This can cost you thousands of dollars and possibly your livelihood. Multiple drunk driving offenses can result in a felony and the revocation of your driving privileges.

The best way to understand drunk driving penalties, fines, points and license suspensions that you may be facing is to discuss your drunk driving violation with an experienced OWI lawyer. At the law firm of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], I am committed to offering you the most effective representation in your OWI or drunk driving case, at the most affordable prices. And your first consultation is always free.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help

I will fight aggressively to help you avoid the points that will result in increased insurance, license suspensions, and large driver responsibility fees. In most cases, investing a relatively small amount of money in an experienced drunk driving lawyer now can save you thousands of dollars in fines, fees, insurance increases, driver responsibility fees and license restoration costs later.

I will help you understand your options, clearly explain what you are facing and help you get the best possible results. Michigan’s laws and circumstances can change so it is always best to consult with an attorney to find out exactly what penalties apply in your situation.

How Blood Alcohol Content Influences A DUI And OWI Charge

Many people think that there is a minimum blood alcohol content that must be shown to become convicted of drunk driving. This is not true. If the consumption of alcohol impairs or affects your ability to drive, you will be convicted of drunk driving. Driving after consuming just a few beers can put you at risk for drunk driving.

Police officers don’t need much to pull you over for a drunk driving investigation. Committing most civil infractions or getting into an accident will obviously allow them to observe you to determine if you have been drinking alcohol. But police officers cannot pull you over for no reason. Police officers are highly trained to recognize the signs, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the odor of intoxicants. Once the police have reason to believe that you have consumed alcohol, they have the right to order you to exit your vehicle. The police officer will ask you to perform field sobriety tests and submit to a preliminary breath test. You have the right to refuse these tests but there are consequences. If you fail any of these tests, the police officer has the right to arrest you for drunk driving and take you to jail.

Drunk driving offenses are considered criminal offenses in Michigan and will result in the suspension of your license and possible jail time. A drunk driving offense also carries between four to six points and will remain on your driving record for years. Most police officers are experienced in detecting drunk drivers. Even if there are no police around, a citizen can call the police and report you for a possible drunk driving arrest.

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