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What’s the Cheapest Way to File Bankruptcy?

by | Jun 23, 2018 | Firm News

The Cheapest Ways to File Bankruptcy

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyerss understand that if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you don’t have a lot of money to spare. If you did, you wouldn’t be filing bankruptcy!

That is why our bankruptcy lawyers are always very straightforward about the fees we charge to handle your bankruptcy case. This article explains how bankruptcy fees are calculated – and how you can actually save money by filing bankruptcy!

Fixed Court Fees in Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy cases are always handled in Federal (United States) Court – not in a State (Michigan) Court. So the filing fees for bankruptcy are the same everywhere in the United States. These filing fees go directly to the Court – NOT in your attorney’s pocket!

  • The filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is $335.
  • The filing fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is $310.
  • The Bankruptcy Trustee may also charge a fee of $15 to $20.

In some circumstances your attorney can petition the court to let you pay the filing fees in installments – or even waive the filing fees – if you can demonstrate financial hardship.

Beware of Cheap Bankruptcy Ads in the Paper or Online

We have all seen “cheap bankruptcy” ads in local papers, often for suspiciously low amounts of money! Be aware that these type of ads are usually misleading and can even be a scam.  Usually the ads for “cheap attorneys” will quote a price that does not include filing fees, or other long range fees & costs. In other words, they advertise one price to get you in the door – but you end up paying much more by the time they “add on” all of the hidden fees!

Even worse, some of these ads for “cheap bankruptcy” may not even be for actual attorneys. We have seen “cheap bankruptcy” ads run by lay people who are NOT even bankruptcy attorneys! If you needed surgery you would never go to a “lay person” instead of a doctor because they were cheaper! So, do not make the mistake of going to a lay person bankruptcy filing service, instead of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

“Cheap” Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy Cases

Any reputable attorney – including the attorneys in our office – will base your attorney fees on the amount of time we anticipate putting into your case. So, for example, a bankruptcy with just 1 or 2 creditors will be less expensive than a bankruptcy that requires the attorney to spend hours negotiating with dozens of creditors.

The easier the bankruptcy the less it costs!

You can expect to pay between $1000 and $2500 for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in the Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County area – including Southfield and Detroit. We understand that this sounds like a lot of money to someone who is already financially struggling. But keep in mind:

  • An EXPERIENCED Bankruptcy attorney can save you thousands and thousands of dollars by reducing or eliminating your debts!
  • A small investment in a GOOD lawyer now, can also save your home and your car, and stop garnishments – sometimes even getting previously garnished wages back!
  • We accept payments plans. It’s cheaper to pay a lawyer a little bvit every month than to pay off all of those debts.

Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer – instead of a “filing company” – will almost always save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our Lawyers Offer Payment Plan Bankruptcy

Because our bankruptcy lawyers are genuinely here to help you, we offer a variety of payment methods and affordable payment plans to help you get started right away.

Best Southfield Bankruptcy Lawyers

The sooner you file bankruptcy, the sooner you stop garnishments, stop foreclosure actions, stop repossessions and start getting your life back on track.  We never want you to delay filing bankruptcy and risk getting further in debt and/or losing your home or car.  So our bankruptcy lawyers will custom tailor a payment plan that works for you – so you can get started right away.

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