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The often-forgotten consequence of a DUI: Auto insurance

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

For many Michigan residents, seeing flashing lights in their rearview mirrors causes anxiety, especially after having drinks before driving. If police arrest a driver on suspicion of DUI, the driver may be thinking about how it will affect any current employment, about what the penalties will be if convicted, and how it will affect his or her personal life. One thing some people may forget is that a conviction will certainly affect auto insurance rates.

Here in Michigan, an individual with a conviction for drunk driving on his or her record can expect to pay at least double the previous insurance rates. That could translate to no less than $100 more each month and thousands of dollars more each year. It could actually rise higher than that depending on an individual’s driving record prior to the DUI conviction and other factors that go into determining insurance rates.

In addition to all the other financial losses that come with a DUI charge and/or conviction, these types of increases could put a person’s financial future in serious jeopardy. These increased rates will stay in effect for a minimum of three years since the insurance company will now consider such a driver as “high risk.” There is no way around having this more expensive insurance either since the individual will most likely have to file a form with the state proving he or she has coverage, and not all insurance companies will do this for an insured.

Adding this repercussion to the list of consequences associated with a DUI could be the tipping point for anyone who may be on the fence regarding whether to challenge the charges. Instead of simply pleading guilty or no contest, it may be better to find another alternative that could potentially lead to a better outcome. In order to explore all the potential options, an individual in this position usually benefits by consulting with an attorney as soon as possible.